We have solid experiences in financial sector. We have conducted many security assessment and penetration testing projects on several financial products ranging from Internet banking, corporate banking, mobile banking, mobile POS to teller applications.


Healthcare organisations are one of the extremely attractive targets for cyber criminals because a lot of sensitive information from patients are stored inside. We have conduct penetration testing project to identify potential threats and locate vulnerabilities from the supporting infrastructure.



Disruption of telecommunication and broadcasting services affect public safety and security of the nation. We conducted penetration testing against wired and wireless infrastructure to tighten the security control on the whole infrastructure.

critical infrastructure

Industrial Control Network is becoming interconnected to the corporate network. Cyber security threats could not be shielded only with air gap principal. We conducted the review on ICS/SCADA infrastructure to our clients, and conducted security assessment in a safe approach.


Government and state enterprise

Public services need to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Our government clients have specific concerns and limitations. We designed the test to address those specific requirements.

military and national security

Special projects from the trench or tailored requirements for secret tasks has been coming to us. Cyberwarfare tools and training were constructed by our elite team.



Our penetration testing service is operated to support the organization in a way of which identifies weaknesses within the overall information security program. We simulated as an attacker, vendor or even disgruntle employee in order to find both technical and business impacts. The objective of our services is to secure the whole organisation with limited resources.


E-commerce growth rate is increasing. In these days, E-commerce is facing with consumer identity fraud. Credit card fraud, impersonation, and even web application vulnerabilities are gaining much concerns. We did realise these requirements and have tailored services to address the security of payment, infrastructure and the e-commerce backend processes.