With our professional penetration testers, and our methodology which is based on NIST SP800-115,OSSTMM,PTES and Adaptive Penetration Test, we are able to identify your weaknesses in wired/wireless network, application and mobile platforms.

It is the attempt to bypass or compromise security controls of the systems by simulating same techniques as hackers do.

The team assesses the risks associated with potential security breaches from both technical and business flow aspects. The team do everything to make sure that the found vulnerabilities could be exploited, and find a way to fix it. The things that we do are different from malicious attackers as we conduct the test in a professional manner and in a way that try to reduce the risks happened during the test.

Our team comprises of high-skilled ethical hackers, security specialists and experienced security architects equipped with qualifications from leading organizations such as EC-Council, SANS GIAC, ISC2, and eLearnSecurity. We are constantly researching to stay at the forefront of penetration testing and security assessment technology as well as modern threat trends and zero-day attacks.


With the limitation of system criticality, security assessment is another way to determine how effectively your security control is. Three types of activities including testing, reviewing and interviewing are utilized to inspect the controls in every layer of the security chain.

To reinforce your business from the ground we can provide the comprehensive assessment to help you identify security strength and weakness of your business. Our assessment approach can focus on technical issues or can focus more on your business’s policy or process. Even your budget may not be able to support the entire and comprehensive assessment approach, we can help you design and customize programs to your particular area of concerns.

In the assessment approach, it will include many activities including: Gap Analysis, Document Review, Architecture Review, Vulnerability Assessment, Configuration Review, Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review.

The result of assessment will make us understand the strong and weak points of your current system which is leading to where you can start improving and developing your system.


While you cannot prevent every cyber attack, you can detect and respond to it. But responding without comprehensive knowledge you might destroy evidence accidentally. That will make you never find the root cause and never be able to fix the issue.

Our team will help you to response promptly and minimize damage and system downtime to the least when you suspect that incident may occur and recovery plans may be needed additionally. We will collect all evidence and identify the root cause in secure and professional means. It means that your evidence can be presented with trustworthiness at the court when you eventually decide to file a lawsuit against someone.


It is always better to prevent a problem before it happens. But as it is previously said it is hardly possible to prevent every attack. Then the quicker you can notice the suspicious incident or attacks, the better the data or system can be saved. Question is how can people notice it quickly? Training is an answer. Training can help you familiarize with risk factors, how to protect, encounter and recover the system.

We believe that to be a good security specialist, it is required to have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Both of knowledge will complement each other, make you have good foundation in its field and also understand security issues more. This is what we always keep in mind when we design our classes.

Our instructor team consists of specialists in many security areas ranging from policy, process and to technical areas. We will not select someone in our team members to conduct a class just because of skilled security knowledge but one of essential selection criteria is soft skills. To have attendants get best advantage from their class, we ensure that the instructors can deliver knowledge to the class clearly and thoroughly.

Except from other customized contents based on customers’ specified requirements, we also have our signature classes which have been conducted in many organizations for years.