Incognito Lab was founded in 2012 by a group of people who have passionate commitment to information security. We are vendor-neutral, and truly technical in the industry. Incognito Lab was immediately recognised as experts in penetration testing which was blended from many challenging projects in every sector. We try hard to tackle the problems and
deliver only the best as we could to our clients. Incognito Lab is a division of ACinfotec Co.,Ltd.

Our success


100% success rate
When we conduct the penetration testing projects, we have never found nothing vulnerable.

Real world approach
Our testing scenario is specifically designed to secure our clients

Cutting-edge techniques
Incognito Lab stay on the state-of-the-art techniques,tactics and procedures in penetration testing

Research pedigree

research pedigree


Pornsook Kornkitichai


Pornsook studied Computer Science at University of Oxford. He has solid experience in many penetration testing projects, and is well-known among cybersecurity community in Thailand. He has been accepted as a speaker in BlackHat Reginonal Summit 2014, MHCON 2015, and several seminars and conferences set in Thailand. His research interests focus on offensive security and cyberwarfare.

Nuttakorn Dhiraprayudti (GSE#172)


Nuttakorn is Dynamic Information Technology professional in security infrastructure, security operation support, maintenance backed by skills and experience in Security Infrastructure Specialist. Depth of knowledge encompasses modern security methods in IT Security plus many years of experiences in IT security area.

We offer our services to the world

research pedigree