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Cyber security | Risk | Compliance Services
Identify your organization’s security gaps, address the pain points, push the proper practice, and drive Security Transformation

Security Standard

• ISO 27001

It is the sign of your commitment to managing information safely and securely. Our consulting team specialises helping you implement and maintain your Information Security Management. A robust approach to manage the organisation's InfoSec is essential to build cyber resilience, and the team of experienced consultants can play a key role to establish the InfoSec foundation to the organisation. We could be your answer.

• CIS: Critical Security Controls

CIS Controls are a concisely recommended set of actions for cyber defense to implement and apply specific and actionable ways to stop today's most common, pervasive and dangerous attacks. CIS Controls are developed by a community of IT experts who apply their first-hand experience as cyber defenders to create these globally accepted security best practices. Your organizations can take CIS Controls to assess and improve the current security state. Our Incognito Lab Consulting Team could help you apply CIS Controls to your organisation in a prioritised approach.

Managed Security

In Thailand, many organisations are making significant investments in technology and outsourced services to transform their businesses. However, several projects were often ineffective because IT teams are consumed with the demands and complexities of ongoing operations along with unclear executive's decision. As IT leaders need to tackle this issue and focus their scarce resource the operations, performance, reliability and security. These are tough responsibility. You could leverage our security experts to select and manage your projects including:

• Infrastructure improvement

• Deploy security solutions

• Improve IT operations

• IT supports

With our vendor-neutral decision to choose experienced SI blended with our cyber security consultants, you can make a decision with us. Incognito Lab team are here to help.



Benefit from knowledge gained over many client engagements, trusted IS partners, and our technical experts, we are certain that we, together, could overcome obstacles and achieve what your team and your management need.

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